A top population control proponent has attained unprecedented access and influence at the Vatican, a presenter for an international symposium on population control said Thursday, as part of an effort to target the Catholic Church and leverage its moral influence in service of a globalist agenda.

Population control forces are welcomed and provided a platform at the Vatican in the Pope Francis pontificate, according to Italian journalist Riccardo Cascioli. They are abetted principally by Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences.

Cascioli revealed specifics leading to a “magic moment” — in Sorondo’s words – that had been reached where the speech of the Church and that of the UN “have some synergy.”

Cascioli was one of 12 experts from across the world to address the threat of population control for the International Conference on Population Control, a three-day online symposium conducted this week.

In his presentation titled “Jeffrey Sachs, the Man Behind the Hidden Drive for Population Control, Masked as Poverty Reduction,” Cascioli first detailed aspects of Sachs’ thinking and explained the sustainable development concept.

The director of the Italian news outlet La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana also delved into the motives and development behind the infiltration by population control activists into the Catholic Church and how it has changed Vatican policy in recent years.

Cascioli described the introduction of the concept of sustainable development – the thinly veiled population control catchphrase — into the Church’s social doctrine as a “decisive step” in the globalist agenda.

“The Catholic Church was — and it is — the only point of resistance to the ideology of the New World Order,” he said, “to the idea of a world-led government guided by technocratic elites.”

The Church, he pointed out, along with others, had prevented “approval of international statements decreeing the end of the natural family, the affirmation of gender ideology and the right to abortion” in the United Nations’ conferences of the 1990s.

“For this reason, the Catholic Church was a target,” Cascioli said. “They tried with campaigns for the expulsion of the Holy See from the United Nations, but they were more successful with the infiltration of associations and groups of pressure within the Church: formally Catholic, but in fact anti-Catholic.”

The most conspicuous instance of this, he said, was in the 1990s with the dissenting pro-abortion group Catholics for a Free Choice.

“A second reason is the attempt to use the great moral force that the Catholic Church undoubtedly exercises to put it at the service of the New World Order,” Cascioli added.

“A decisive step to achieve the result was — and is — the introduction of the concept of sustainable development in the Church’s social doctrine,” he stated, “an instance that has also been supported by some bishops.”


Sachs is crucial to understanding the change in recent years in the Holy See’s stance on population, development and the environment, said Cascioli.

Sachs is a Harvard-educated economics professor at Columbia University and a high-level UN consultant regarded as a leading expert in economic development and fighting poverty. He has twice been included on the Time magazine list of 100 Most Influential People in the World.

He has advocated abortion in his work, describing it as a “lower-risk and lower-cost option” than having children.

In his 2008 book “Commonwealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet” Sachs said legalized abortion is a cost-effective way to eliminate “unwanted children” when contraception fails. And in 2011, he said “Nigeria should work towards attaining a maximum of three children per family.”

Sachs has been invited to collaborate with the Vatican a number of times, including moderating and co-hosting a Vatican conference on climate change in April 2015 and presenting at another later that year in November, as well as delivering a keynote lecture for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in 2013. He is scheduled to participate in the next Vatican climate change conference in early November as well.

Sachs also co-authored the final Vatican environmental mission statement entitled “Climate Change and the Common Good.”

Cascioli recounted for the conference how in a 2012 interview Sachs had told him, “In Africa, I met many bishops who, regarding the birth control, told me privately that they are in agreement with me, although for obvious reasons they can’t say that openly.”

This statement exemplified Sachs’ thinking, Cascioli said, and his action, which is directed at the poor countries — especially Africa — and the idea of infiltrating the Church.

Sachs is “celebrated as one of the most important world economists and in the latest years a fixed guest star of conferences organized by the Vatican, especially from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, more and more centered on ecology and sustainable development,” Cascioli said.

“In fact,” Cascioli said, “Jeffrey Sachs is the key figure to understand the transformation that has taken place in the Holy See’s approach to the issues of population, development and the environment.”

Sachs has devoted his professional life to sustainable development, explained Cascioli, and he insists it is the answer to poverty.

For Sachs, sustainable development “requires a unified approach to the changes of society rather than simply seeking economic growth,” said Cascioli.

This means combining economic development, environmental sustainability and the population with heavy focus, though, on the first two.

“The theme of overpopulation and, therefore, of birth control is constant in Sachs' speeches,” Cascioli said.

His own words

He offered several specifics from Sachs’ speeches that spoke of the world being overcrowded and humans being “in each other’s faces as never before” and “pressing on the Earth’s environment as never before.”

“This would be enough to understand that we are facing a fundamentalist of birth control,” stated Cascioli, then listing further examples from Sachs’ 2005 book, "The End of Poverty".

Sachs said poor countries were “stuck with” fertility rates higher than replacement rate, and that poor families with large numbers of children are held back in nutrition, health, and education. He praised “modern contraception” in “the empowerment of women.”

Cascioli also shared Sachs’ comments on the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and how it has “helped to spur a massive increase in the use of modern contraceptives among couples in developing countries rising from an estimated 10 to 15 percent of couples in 1970 to an estimated 60 percent in 2000.”

Sachs had said as well that the UNFPA has “been an example of scaling up par excellence.”

These quotes demonstrate an approach to eliminating poverty by eliminating poor people, Cascioli said, as he thought there was “enough evidence that for Jeffrey Sachs the war against the poverty is in fact a war against the poors.”

“And it is also clear from the last passage which weapons are used in this war,” Cascioli noted, “contraception and still contraception. But also abortion, as he said in several other occasions.”

The origin of sustainable development

The term sustainable development originally generated from theories designed for the fishing industry for sustainable yield in the 1950s, Cascioli explained, and later in the 1970s the “maximum ecologically sustainable yield” concept was transferred to the human species.

Sustainable development was introduced at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972 and continued from there, he said. “The Limits of Development,” a report from the Club of Rome global think tank, was published that year as well, warning of “four lethal dangers for humanity: population explosion, scarcity of food, scarcity of resources, and the energy crisis.”

Cascioli said the report sold 12 million copies in 27 international editions in only a few months, having great impact on public opinion and the scientific community.

Sustainable development would be defined later in the 1980s by the U.N.-instituted Brundtland Commission as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

This might seem like common sense, Cascioli said, but the underlying goals are based upon the premise that population growth is responsible for underdevelopment and damaging the environment.

Various conferences convened by the U.N. throughout the 1990s on development, the earth, food security, human rights and women’s rights established official goals for a 20-year plan to address the varied issues. Sustainable development was a common thread throughout the conferences, and the concepts of reproductive health and reproductive rights were brought in as well.

“It is worthy of note that such concepts fall within a wider attempt to fix a set of ‘universal values’ or better, a ‘global ethic,’” said Casioli, “to whose realization all religions are also called upon to collaborate.”

The Church does oppose sustainable development as defined by the population control movement

The Catholic Church previously opposed the idea of sustainable development as it has been proposed by population control advocates, Cascioli explained, which is to limit population in poor countries and stop economic growth in rich countries.

Further problematic aspects of sustainable development in the Church’s view are the theory’s negative vision of man, its alarmist view, and its promotion of birth control.

Casioli said the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church edited in 2005 by the Papal Council for Justice and Peace — the first instance where the Holy See compiled all of its social teachings — is the principle source for understanding the Church’s authentic judgment on sustainable development.

In consulting that source, he said, “We discover that such a concept does not find space in the Church’s teachings.”

The Compendium “clearly confirms that demographic growth is fully compatible with an integral and shared development,” Cascioli pointed out.

But things are very different now

“Many things have changed in recent years,” however, he said, to where to those previously “declared enemies of the Church today are welcomed with all the honor in the Vatican.”

“Jeffrey Sachs is the most striking example,” said Cascioli, “but just scroll through the topics and list of speakers at the conferences organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and you realize that the concept of sustainable development, with all its declinations, is now home to the Vatican.”

“How could this happen?” he asked. “Here we have to understand that since the U.N. Conferences of the 1990s the Catholic Church has become the main objective of the Neo-Malthusian forces.

Neo-Malthusianism refers to the promotion of population control programs to guarantee resources for current and future populations.

Cascioli detailed the recent skulk of population control into the Vatican, resisted under Pope Benedict XVI but welcomed under Pope Francis.

An attempt was made in the preparation of Benedict’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate, he said, but was ultimately rejected.

“Caritas in Veritate is based on the concept of integral human development which, as is clear, is diametrically opposed to sustainable development,” Cascioli said.

“Unfortunately,” he said, “the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, under the guidance of Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, have been directed in recent years in order to allow this ideology to be fully incorporated into the Catholic Church.”

An important sign of this, Cascioli pointed out, is the introduction of sustainable development in Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Sì. Cascioli said, “This is a real turning point.”

“And it's no coincidence that Jeffrey Sachs has become ubiquitous in events organized in the Vatican and not only there, more and more focused on environment and poverty.”

Cascioli told the conference he was “not sure that many African bishops really agree with Sachs about birth control, but there are certainly important figures that reside in Rome” (that do).

“This is why the words recently pronounced by Bishop Sorondo are still more disturbing and worrying,” Cascioli concluded, recounting what the close adviser of Pope Francis has stated at public appearances:

“We can say – he said — that we now have a ‘magic moment.’ Because for the first time and perhaps the last time, the speech of the Church and the speech of the world as represented by the United Nations have some synergy.”

Here’s a glimpse of some of the nefarious government programs we’ll be encountering on our journey through the treacherous waters of 2017.

Mandatory quarantines without due process or informed consent: Under a new rule proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, government agents will be empowered to indefinitely detain any traveler they suspect of posing a medical risk to others without providing an explanation, subject them to medical tests without their consent, and carry out such detentions and quarantines without any kind of due process or judicial review.

Mental health assessments by non-medical personnel: As a result of a nationwide push to train a broad spectrum of so-called gatekeepers such as pastors, teachers, hair stylists, bartenders, police officers and EMTs in mental health first-aid training, more Americans are going to run the risk of being reported by non-medical personnel and detained for having mental health issues.

Tracking chips for citizens: Momentum is building for the government to be able to track citizens, whether through the use of RFID chips embedded in a national ID card or through microscopic chips embedded in one’s skin. In December 2016, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved legislation allowing police to track individuals suffering from some form of mental disability such as Alzheimer’s or autism by way of implanted chips.

Military training to deal with anti-establishment movements in megacities: The future, according to a Pentagon training video, will be militaristic, dystopian and far from friendly to freedom. Indeed, if this government propaganda-piece that is being used to train special forces is to be believed, the only thing that can save the world from outright anarchy—in the eyes of the government, at least—is the military working in conjunction with local police. The video confirms what I’ve been warning about for so long: in the eyes of the U.S. government and its henchmen, the battlefield of the future is the American home front.

Government censorship of anything it classifies as disinformation: This year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which allocates $619 billion for war and military spending, not only allows the military to indefinitely detain American citizens by placing them beyond the reach of the Constitution, but it also directs the State Department to establish a national anti-propaganda center to “counter disinformation and propaganda.” Translation: the government plans to crack down on anyone attempting to exercise their First Amendment rights by exposing government wrongdoing, while persisting in peddling its own brand of fake news.

Threat assessments: Government agents—with the help of automated eyes and ears, a growing arsenal of high-tech software, hardware and techniques, government propaganda urging Americans to turn into spies and snitches, as well as social media and behavior sensing software—are spinning a sticky spider-web of threat assessments, behavioral sensing warnings, flagged “words,” and “suspicious” activity reports aimed at snaring potential enemies of the state. It’s the American police state rolled up into one oppressive pre-crime and pre-thought crime package.

War on cash: The government and its corporate partners are engaged in a concerted campaign to do away with large bills such as $20s, $50s, $100s and shift consumers towards a digital mode of commerce that can easily be monitored, tracked, tabulated, mined for data, hacked, hijacked and confiscated when convenient. As economist Steve Forbes concludes, “The real reason for this war on cash—start with the big bills and then work your way down—is an ugly power grab by Big Government. People will have less privacy: Electronic commerce makes it easier for Big Brother to see what we’re doing, thereby making it simpler to bar activities it doesn’t like, such as purchasing salt, sugar, big bottles of soda and Big Macs.”

Expansive surveillance: Whether you’re walking through a store, driving your car, checking email, or talking to friends and family on the phone, you can be sure that some government agency, whether the NSA or some other entity, will still be listening in and tracking your behavior. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the corporate trackers who work with the government to monitor your purchases, web browsing, Facebook posts and other activities taking place in the cyber sphere. In such an environment, we are all suspects to be spied on, searched, scanned, frisked, monitored, tracked and treated as if we’re potentially guilty of some wrongdoing or other.

Militarized police: Americans are finding their once-peaceful communities transformed into military outposts, complete with tanks, weaponry, and other equipment designed for the battlefield. Now, the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department and the FBI are preparing to turn the nation’s police officers into techno-warriors, complete with iris scanners, body scanners, thermal imaging Doppler radar devices, facial recognition programs, license plate readers, cell phone extraction software, Stingray devices and so much more.

Police shootings of unarmed citizens: Owing in large part to the militarization of local law enforcement agencies, not a week goes by without more reports of hair-raising incidents by police imbued with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a battlefield approach to the communities in which they serve. Indeed, as a special report by The Washington Post reveals, despite heightened awareness of police misconduct, the number of fatal shootings by officers in 2016 remained virtually unchanged from the year before.

False flags and terrorist attacks: Despite the government’s endless propaganda about the threat of terrorism, statistics show that you are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack. You are 11,000 times more likely to die from an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane. You are 1,048 times more likely to die from a car accident than a terrorist attack. You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack. And you are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.

Endless wars to keep America’s military’s empire employed: The military industrial complex that has advocated that the U.S. remain at war, year after year, is the very entity that will continue to profit the most from America’s expanding military empire. The U.S. Department of Defense is the world’s largest employer, with more than 3.2 million employees. Thus far, the U.S. taxpayer has been made to shell out more than $1.6 trillion to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. When you add in military efforts in Pakistan, as well as the lifetime price of health care for disabled veterans and interest on the national debt, that cost rises to $4.4 trillion.

Attempts by the government to identify, target and punish so-called domestic “extremists”: The government’s anti-extremism program will, in many cases, be utilized to render otherwise lawful, nonviolent activities as potentially extremist. To this end, police will identify, monitor and deter individuals who exhibit, express or engage in anything that could be construed as extremist before they can become actual threats. This is pre-crime on an ideological scale.

SWAT team raids: More than 80% of American communities have their own SWAT teams, with more than 80,000 of these paramilitary raids are carried out every year. That translates to more than 200 SWAT team raids every day in which police crash through doors, damage private property, kill citizens, terrorize adults and children alike, kill family pets, assault or shoot anyone that is perceived as threatening—and most often in the pursuit of someone merely suspected of a crime, usually some small amount of drugs.

Erosions of private property: Private property means little at a time when SWAT teams and other government agents can invade your home, break down your doors, kill your dog, wound or kill you, damage your furnishings and terrorize your family. Likewise, if government officials can fine and arrest you for growing vegetables in your front yard, praying with friends in your living room, installing solar panels on your roof, and raising chickens in your backyard, you’re no longer the owner of your property.

Overcriminalization: The government’s tendency towards militarization and overcriminalization, in which routine, everyday behaviors become targets of regulation and prohibition, has resulted in Americans getting arrested for making and selling unpasteurized goat cheese, cultivating certain types of orchids, feeding a whale, holding Bible studies in their homes, and picking their kids up from school.

Strip searches and the denigration of bodily integrity: Court rulings undermining the Fourth Amendment and justifying invasive strip searches have left us powerless against police empowered to forcefully draw our blood, forcibly take our DNA, strip search us, and probe us intimately. Accounts are on the rise of individuals—men and women alike—being subjected to what is essentially government-sanctioned rape by police in the course of “routine” traffic stops.

Drones: As corporations and government agencies alike prepare for their part in the coming drone invasion—it is expected that at least 30,000 drones will occupy U.S. airspace by 2020, ushering in a $30 billion per year industry—it won’t be long before American citizens find themselves to be the target of these devices. Drones—unmanned aerial vehicles—will come in all shapes and sizes, from nano-sized drones as small as a grain of sand that can do everything from conducting surveillance to detonating explosive charges, to middle-sized copter drones that can deliver pizzas to massive “hunter/killer” Predator warships that unleash firepower from on high.

Prisons: America’s prisons, housing the largest number of inmates in the world and still growing, have become money-making enterprises for private corporations that manage the prisons in exchange for the states agreeing to maintain a 90% occupancy rate for at least 20 years. And how do you keep the prisons full? By passing laws aimed at increasing the prison population, including the imposition of life sentences on people who commit minor or nonviolent crimes such as siphoning gasoline.

Censorship: First Amendment activities are being pummeled, punched, kicked, choked, chained and generally gagged all across the country. Free speech zones, bubble zones, trespass zones, anti-bullying legislation, zero tolerance policies, hate crime laws and a host of other legalistic maladies dreamed up by politicians and prosecutors have conspired to corrode our core freedoms. The reasons for such censorship vary widely from political correctness, safety concerns and bullying to national security and hate crimes but the end result remains the same: the complete eradication of what Benjamin Franklin referred to as the “principal pillar of a free government.”

Fascism: As a Princeton University survey indicates, our elected officials, especially those in the nation’s capital, represent the interests of the rich and powerful rather than the average citizen. We are no longer a representative republic. With Big Business and Big Government having fused into a corporate state, the president and his state counterparts—the governors—have become little more than CEOs of the Corporate State, which day by day is assuming more government control over our lives. Never before have average Americans had so little say in the workings of their government and even less access to their so-called representatives.

James Madison, the father of the Constitution, put it best when he warned: “Take alarm at the first experiment with liberties.” Anyone with even a casual knowledge about current events knows that the first experiment on our freedoms happened long ago.

We are fast moving past the point of no return when it comes to restoring our freedoms. Worse, as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, we can barely see the old America with its revolutionary principles and value for independence in the rear view mirror. The only reality emerging generations will know is the one constructed for them by the powers-that-be, and you can rest assured that it will not be a reality that favors individuality, liberty or anything or anyone who challenges the status quo.

As a senior advisor to George W. Bush observed, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

In other words, the government has been operating ten steps ahead for quite some time now, and we have yet to catch up, let alone catch our breath as the tides of change swirl around us.

You’d better tighten your seatbelts, folks, because we could be in for a rough ride in 2017.

Read more at: rutherford.org

]]> /prophecynews/2017-01-05-the-titanic-sails-at-dawn-warning-signs-point-to-danger-ahead-in-2017/feed 0 /prophecynews/2017-01-04-before-fake-news-came-false-prophecy /prophecynews/2017-01-04-before-fake-news-came-false-prophecy#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The revelation that fake news deceived voters in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election generated real outrage in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s electoral victory. The top fake news stories garnered more clicks than the top real news stories on Facebook in the final three months of the campaign season. Fake news and other campaign fantasies led Oxford Dictionaries to select ‘post-truth’ as the word of the year for 2016.

Article by Eric Weisskott
But stories that gain popularity by presenting readers’ fantasies and nightmares as current events are hardly new. In medieval Britain, national and local political action was guided by prophecy. Prophecies were invoked by rebel leaders, appropriated by ruling elites, and, ultimately, censored by a government fearful of their disruptive potential. Prophecy’s effectiveness in shaping medieval politics offers a rejoinder to those who suggest that fake news and other political falsehoods can be ignored, or laughed off. Prophecy, like fake news, worked as persuasive writing because it told people what they wanted to believe or spoke to their darkest fears.

British politics provided ample opportunity to test the power of imagined worlds. When Owain Glyndŵr, Edmund Mortimer, and Henry Percy plotted against Henry IV at the turn of the 15th century, they used the popular “Prophecy of the Six Kings” to justify their actions. A later historical account has the three rebels committing to treason on the condition “that they are the people about whom the prophet speaks.” The fantasy that Glyndŵr, Mortimer, and Percy were prophesied saviors—a fantasy they themselves may have believed—had the very real effect of attracting popular support for their insurrection.Prophecy also played a key role when the Wars of the Roses broke out between the Houses of York and Lancaster in the 1450s. The Yorkists used the prophecies of Merlin to support Edward IV’s claim to the throne.

The Lancastrians interpreted the same prophecies to mean that their candidate, Henry VI, deserved the crown. One Yorkist manuscript, a sumptuous scroll now in Oxford’s Bodleian Library, features a circular array of insulting names for Henry VI. The names, in English and Latin, include “usurper,” “fool,” and “scoundrel,” as well as “white dragon,” a symbol for the Saxons—always the antagonists in British prophecy. The Yorkist scroll was not meant to win hearts and minds. It was meant to stoke partisan rage.Prophecies were highly imaginative texts. Knights, heraldry, dragons, double crosses: The genre offered an intoxicating blend of fantasy and realism. One Yorkist prophecy in alliterative verse, found in two Bodleian manuscripts, takes the form of an imagined interview between an English member of Parliament and God. The MP asks what will happen to the realm, and God conveniently foretells the defeat of the Lancastrians, represented as treacherous Saxons. Some of the predictions in prophecies referred to the near future (like FiveThirtyEight’s election forecast), but most of the action amounted to history in the future tense. This was writing that wins consent for a hostile takeover; writing that justifies political violence; writing that kills.

Prophecy wasn’t just an early form of infotainment. It was an instrument of colonization. Some of the earliest recorded prophecies in Britain appeared in the 12th century, in a Latin historical narrative written by a Welsh cleric named Geoffrey. But prophetic style quickly spread from Latin and Welsh to English, and from the margins to the centers of British political power.By identifying as Britons rather than Saxons, English elites used prophecy to legitimize their rule over the Irish and Welsh and their aggressions against the Scottish.

The English projected themselves as spiritual victims of the imperialism of their own ancestors, the Anglo-Saxons. Another Yorkist scroll, held by the British Library, ends with an English passage in which an angel predicts that the Britons will not inherit the island until the Saxons become as sinful as the Britons had been before. The passage aims to galvanize the political will of English readers, not to elicit sympathy for real Celtic peoples. Prophecy rewrote history.

The language of the vulnerable was weaponized against the vulnerable.In the mouths of Welsh rebels and English peasants, prophecy was social protest. In the hands of the ruling classes, it became propaganda. In the 15th century, English kings and parliaments began passing laws against ‘false’ prophecy, in effect criminalizing prophecy without official authorization. The earliest laws claimed to be about other things: vagrancy, civil disorder. They claimed to restrict prophecy only incidentally, as it related to pressing social problems.

But the laws were really acts of pre-emptive censorship.
In theory, the laws targeted prophecies made on false grounds. But prophecy, oriented toward the future and heavily coded, did not lend itself to objective distinctions between truth and falsehood. In practice, the anti-prophecy laws gave pretext to punish political dissidence.

A 1542 act under Henry VIII, less covertly worded than earlier legislation, sought to protect “such persons as have and had such arms, badges, or cognizances” from “the great peril and destruction” of “false prophecies.” In other words, the state vowed to shield the nobility, those with hereditary coats of arms, from recrimination by their social inferiors. It did not matter whether the targets of these laws created new illicit prophecies or circulated old ones. Those caught prophesying about the imminent demise of a king or knight faced fines, jail, or execution.Such was the fate of John Dobson, a Yorkshire vicar, put to death in 1538 for interpreting a popular prophecy to indicate Henry VIII’s downfall and the restoration of Catholicism in England. Dobson may well have disseminated heterodox prophecies, but his real mistake was probably making some powerful enemy.

The defendants tried under the anti-prophecy laws were nearly always the most vulnerable members of society: servants, tradespeople, low-level clerics like Dobson, and women of all classes.As a result of all this top-down political pressure, the textual record of prophecies is severely undemocratic. It is shaped by the political agendas of the most powerful.

No wonder many surviving prophecies express horror that the prevailing social hierarchy will dissolve. Yet this was also a key to their popular appeal. One prophecy tells of a dystopian future with “knights and knaves clad in the same clothing.” Another dreads the day “when lads wed ladies.” These predictions warn readers against the horror of a classless society.

This horror did not correspond to any real world. Medieval England was in no danger of becoming a communist state. Rather, fear of social reformation was a tool to maintain the very hierarchy that was supposedly deteriorating. And here’s the chilling part—it worked. John Dobson’s problem wasn’t just an oppressive law but also whichever of his acquaintances decided to turn him in.By the late Middle Ages, prophecy had become a mass medium. It managed to affect the real world by constructing an echo chamber and then enticing people to live in it. It is worth asking what present conditions pollsters, politicians, and journalists seek to render inevitable.Ultimately, medieval prophecy demonstrates the enduring power of a fantasy to change reality itself. Prophecy didn’t describe the world as it was, but as it was to be—or as it might become. That fantasy was more powerful than any lived reality. People killed and died for fantasies. People didn’t act politically because of what they had lost but because of what, in their most potent fantasy, they feared losing.
Read more at: theatlantic.com

]]> /prophecynews/2017-01-04-before-fake-news-came-false-prophecy/feed 0 /prophecynews/2017-01-04-christians-most-persecuted-religious-group-in-the-world-study-says /prophecynews/2017-01-04-christians-most-persecuted-religious-group-in-the-world-study-says#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, with around 90,000 killed for their faith in 2016, the director of a leading religious study group has said.
Article by Nich Hallet

Massimo Introvigne, Director of the Centre for Studies on New Religions (Cesnur), told Vatican Radio that around half a billion Christians in the world are unable to express their faith completely freely, while around 90,000 – one every six minutes – died for their faith in the past year alone.

Referring to statistics from the Centre for the Study of Global Christianity, Mr Introvigne said around 70 per cent of Christians murdered in 2016 died in tribal conflicts in Africa. These deaths were included, he said, because very often they involved Christians who refuse to take up arms for reasons of conscience.

“The other 30 per cent, or 27,000, were killed in terror attacks, the destruction of Christian villages, or government persecution,” he added.

He told Vatican Radio that the Catholic Church is currently considering possible sainthood for individual Christians killed in territories controlled by the Islamic State terror group. Some Christians, he said, had risked almost certain death by staying in these territories to give testament to their faith.

The statistics, due to be released next month, do offer some hope, however, as the number of Christians killed is down from 105,000 in 2015 – although, Mr Introvigne points out, they remain the most persecuted religious group on the planet.

In March, the Chaldean Bishop of Aleppo reported that in just five years of conflict, the Christian population of Syria has been reduced by two thirds from 1.5 million to just 500,000.

The majority of those who remain, he added, live in areas controlled by the secular government of Bashar Assad as they flee Islamist rebels.

The city of Aleppo finally fell to government forces earlier this month, but much of the city, including its three cathedrals, is in ruins.

Read more at: breitbart.com

]]> /prophecynews/2017-01-04-christians-most-persecuted-religious-group-in-the-world-study-says/feed 0 /prophecynews/2017-01-03-prediction-global-debt-collapse-begins-president-trump-scapegoat-totalitarian-police-state /prophecynews/2017-01-03-prediction-global-debt-collapse-begins-president-trump-scapegoat-totalitarian-police-state#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 As Natural News readers know very well, we are one of the very few news publishers in the world that accurately predicted the Donald Trump election victory as well as the left-wing chaos and resistance that followed.
While the entire fakestream media was arrogantly reporting that Hillary Clinton had already won well before election day, I knew that was a lie. I knew everything was rigged and even wrote a popular article listing all the things that were rigged, including the polls, the news, the DNC and the voting machines in Democrat-controlled voting areas.

Now, as readers are asking me what to expect for 2017, I’ve spent most of the Christmas and New Year’s break pondering the best way to share that insight with you. At first, I thought about putting together a list of 25 bold predictions for 2017, but in the end I realized only one prediction really matters. It makes everything else almost irrelevant.

The era of cheap money and free debt is going to come to a catastrophic end

To understand the implications of this one prediction, you need to grasp the reality that we are approaching the end of the era of cheap money, endless debt and fiat currency money creation. I don’t have the time to go into all the details of why, but the upshot is that the “experts” running the Fed are delusional. They are wrong. The de-coupling of the U.S. dollar from gold in 1971 by Richard Nixon set into motion an inevitable dollar collapse and economic apocalypse.

Since that day, the dollar has existed in a state of eventual demise, with no question whatsoever that the currency would one day collapse. For decades, presidents and central bankers kicked the can down the road, printed new fiat currency and spent the nation into financial oblivion. President Obama, America’s first Muslim President, doubled the federal debt in just eight years, spending insane amounts of money on left-wing handouts and boondoggles designed to win political allies and voter loyalty.

Now, with Trump getting sworn into office on January 20, 2017, the globalists no longer want to prevent the debt collapse from taking place. Instead, they are taking steps to make sure it happens during President Trump’s first term. As the engineered crash unfolds, they will use it to discredit Republicans, fiscal conservatives and Trump in particular while unleashing massive social chaos, riots and even the threat of starvation across America’s inner cities.

The only way this can be delayed is if Trump sells out to the globalist banksters. There are indications that Goldman Sachs may already be a little too cozy with the Trump administration, but we’ll have to see how that plays out. If Trump defies the global banking order, they will either “JFK” him with a lone assassin or destroy his administration with the planned economic apocalypse described here.

Unless Trump caves to the globalists, the economic sabotage will be unleashed during his first term

The goal of Obama and the globalists — if Trump doesn’t agree to play ball — is to “poison pill” America and thrust President Trump into the most catastrophic economic nightmare imaginable. Obama, a malicious enemy of America, has already begun to put plans into motion to gut the economy and plant “political landmines” across the bureaucracy that will blow up in Donald Trump’s face. Obama is the first soon-to-be ex-U.S. President who literally seeks to sabotage the country on his way out of office.

The timing of all this is during Trump’s first four years. The plans will be set into motion in early 2017, and the mechanisms for engineering a crash will be initiated almost immediately after Trump’s inauguration. The effects of those actions, however, will take time to wreak havoc in their intended way. Importantly, no one can accurately predict the timing of when those actions will release the avalanche of global debt collapse. This is because no one can predict so-called “emergent properties” of vast, highly complex economic interactions. No human mind (or even a supercomputer) is capable of accurately simulating all the variables, but what we do know is that once the avalanche begins, it will be unstoppable until it hits bottom.

A good metaphor to understand all this is to imagine someone running around with a concrete drill, trying to bring down a large skyscraper building by drilling holes in the large support pillars of the building’s foundation. The saboteur can drill large numbers of holes — perhaps tens of thousands — and the building still stands. No one knows exactly how many holes will cause the building to crumble, but at some point, one more hole becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back… and the entire building catastrophically collapses.

It’s impossible to predict which hole will unleash the collapse, just as it’s impossible to predict which additional snowflake will unleash an avalanche on the side of a snow packed mountain. But we do know that a massive, catastrophic event is inevitable if the deliberate sabotage doesn’t stop. That’s where we all sit right now in terms of the global debt avalanche that’s poised to occur. The timing is impossible to predict, but the inevitability of it is easy to predict.

NOTE: One thing that could delay the collapse of the U.S. system is if the European Union crumbles first. As the EU collapses and the ECB freaks out, flight capital will flee to U.S. shores, dumping hundreds of billions of dollars into U.S. stocks, bonds, real estate and other assets. This will be a “mini bubble” and it will be short lived. But as it takes place, Republicans will herald the “Trumponomics revolution” with no regard to the real reason why it’s happening. Before long, the EU crash ripple effects will strangle U.S. markets as well, and then it’s game over until the correction hits bottom.

Once it happens, President Trump will have little choice but to declare martial law and roll out an expanded police state

Now here’s where all this gets interesting (and more than a little disturbing). As the debt collapse unfolds, we’re going to see the freezing of banking transactions, government payments and food stamp debit cards. The stock market will collapse (or be frozen), pensions will collapse, many banks will implode, the FDIC will go bankrupt, real estate will collapse, international banks will save themselves with “bail ins” and so on. It’s going to be financial Armageddon on a scale no living person has ever witnessed before.

Should all this unfold, President Trump will fight the deliberate sabotage by invoking all the emergency measures of Government that President Obama signed into law as executive orders.

Very few Americans realize, for example, that executive orders are right now on the books that will allow President Trump, with a simple signature, to seize all gold, dollars and financial assets of every American.

In addition, Obama also signed executive orders that would allow FEMA to confiscate all food, seeds, fuel, tractors, livestock and farmland from every American, all across the nation. That order was signed on March 16, 2012. I’ve covered the details of it in this Natural News article.

In case you’re so uninformed that you think I’m making this up, you can read the White House announcement of this executive order at this link. (And stop being naive. I don’t make things up. That’s the job of the Washington Post.)

In essence, Obama laid out a blueprint for the totalitarian rise of a police state federal government to be invoked during times of emergency.

What I’m telling you now — and this is the single most important prediction for 2017 and the rest of Trump’s first term — is that President Trump will invoke these emergency orders out of a desperate need for self-preservation of the U.S. government.

Obama created the perfect police state, thinking Clinton was going to inherit it

Every piece of tyranny and overbearing government control that Obama signed into law — incorrectly believing Hillary Clinton would inherit the new police state powers — will soon reside in the executive portfolio of President Trump. What’s crucial to understand here is that even if Trump believes in democracy, liberty and American patriotism, he will have no choice but to unleash a police state response to the social chaos and subterfuge being set into motion by Obama and the globalists… all enemies of Donald Trump.

In essence, you should get ready to live under temporary martial law and a federally run police state dictatorship. You should understand that governments always use crisis to ratchet up their power, invoking the “emergency” of the day to radically expand their power and reach over the citizenry. (It’s called “Shock Doctrine.”) Even more astonishingly, realize that even you will beg for martial law because the violence, looting and social chaos being pursued by the lawless left will be so outrageously out of control that you’ll gladly give up more liberty in exchange for the promise of security.

I hope at this point you understand the real danger in all this. The danger is not the martial law in and of itself. The danger is not the government responding to the chaos with force. The danger is that the police state expansions never end. Because the more the radical left resists the initial police state actions, the more quickly this all descends into a left-wing armed rebellion that forever justifies a militant police state run by the government to enforce “security.”

Governments rarely give up power voluntarily

The real danger in all this, you see, is that President Trump’s inevitable response of martial law and police state tactics is so effective at clamping down on the left-wing violence that it becomes a permanent fixture of American society. The danger is that we wake up and find ourselves living in the totalitarian police state system described by John. W. Whitehead in his must-read book, Battlefield America.

Government habitually ratchets up its power during times of crisis, but it is very slow to let go of that newfound power as circumstances settle down. Once we have an effective, high-security police state under President Trump that stops the left-wing violence and looting, how do we ever return to a society that’s no longer functioning in a state of martial law?

If the police start to back down, the violent, insane leftists start looting everything in sight. They may even be joined by all the tens of millions of former government workers who will one day wake up and realize their pensions have been obliterated. If they take to the streets as well, we’ve got the makings of a real uprising / popular revolt on our hands… and that’s exactly what justifies an expansion of the police state. (I wouldn’t even be surprised if many left-wing bombings turn out to be false flags carried out by those who stand to benefit the most from a totalitarian police state society.)

Make no mistake: President Trump is extremely capable of making the kind of tough military-style decisions necessary to protect his administration from attempted uprisings. He’s got highly capable military generals abundantly represented in his cabinet, for one thing, and these are true American patriots who aren’t going to let anarchists destroy the Trump administration. But that’s not the real question in all this. The real question is how much liberty will we have remaining after the uprising is smashed?

If Trump abandons the liberty principles that got him elected, it will rapidly escalate the anti-government rebellion across all political lines

Will the Trump administration, under extreme pressure from citizens in cities being devastated by violence and chaos, eventually attempt radical, anti-liberty actions under the cover of a “national emergency” such as banning the Second Amendment? If so, that would put the government in a state of war with most patriots, effectively escalating a state of war with the very same people who got Trump elected.

Will President Trump radically expand police powers in order to quell inner city protests? For example, could he authorize the rounding up of protesters and securing them in FEMA camps while they await prosecution? (Hey, we finally figured out how to use those FEMA camps!)

Could police forces throughout the United States be given authorization to shoot protesters on sight? If so, that would place the United States government into essentially a state of kinetic warfare against the mostly left-wing citizens of high population cities. None of the aftermath scenarios in that circumstance are desirable.

Very few people think about how this all plays out. Most Americans are hardly capable of thinking just one move ahead on the chessboard. But people like myself — the true remaining independent journalists of America — think five or six moves ahead, which is exactly why we’ve been so correct on our predictions about what you’re seeing unfold right now. (There wasn’t a single mainstream media journalist who predicted a Trump victory. They all got it wrong.)

Donald Trump is not to blame… he’s being positioned as a scapegoat by Obama and the globalists

What my strategic mind is screaming at me right now is that we will all face the rise of aggressive police state government as President Trump responds to the coming collapse of social order (caused by a combination of economic collapse and the rise of radical leftist anti-government forces). For the record, this is not a criticism of Trump. He is not the person who put all this in place… he’s being positioned as the scapegoat to blame for what unfolds.

It’s actually Obama and the globalists who have engineered this situation with malicious intent. They’ve rigged everything to thrust Trump into a scenario that’s almost impossible to survive without invoking a police state response. They’ve backed him into a corner, leaving him no options but to invoke emergency powers. Once he does that, the fakestream media will pounce on him and label him a “dictator” with all the usual comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

Yet, one ray of good news in all this is that Donald Trump has already proven he is extraordinarily clever and resilient. He may yet maneuver a way out of this that the globalists did not foresee. After all, Trump survived the Republican primary and the brutal presidential campaign. He has proven that he’s very, very hard to defeat. That may work in our favor as Trump faces the greatest challenge of any President in United States history: the engineered collapse of the nation’s currency and debt.

If Trump can survive all that and still avoid radically expanding the police state powers of the federal government, it will be, simply put, the most extraordinary political victory in our nation’s history… and it would make President Trump the greatest leader our nation has known since George Washington.

Can he succeed in all this? I can’t predict that yet. There aren’t enough data points to plan that far ahead. But whether he succeeds or fails, 2017 is the year you’d better be ready to survive the most radical and unpredictable scenarios ever considered.

Stay informed at Natural News, where our intelligent analysis is obviously vastly more informed than anything you’ll ever see from the fakestream media.

]]> /prophecynews/2017-01-03-prediction-global-debt-collapse-begins-president-trump-scapegoat-totalitarian-police-state/feed 0 /prophecynews/2017-01-02-machine-consciousness-fallacy-health-ranger-documentary-mind-singularity /prophecynews/2017-01-02-machine-consciousness-fallacy-health-ranger-documentary-mind-singularity#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 To the techno-worshippers, humans will soon become “immortal” because they will be able to “transfer” their consciousness into machines. Or AI systems will become “self aware,” achieving the same mind consciousness that we experience as living, spirit-imbued beings with free will.
Today, I’ve just released a new mini-documentary called The Folly of Machine Consciousness. It reveals why all those who claim machines will attain consciousness are not just wrong, but deeply misguided.

As part of the argument, the documentary also reveals why memory is not physically stored in the brain. Despite their best efforts, the most brilliant doctors, scientists and neurologists of our modern world still cannot find physical “locations” in the brain for memory. The fallacy of biochemical memory is obliterated in this mini-documentary.

Consciousness is not an artifact of complex neurology. It is a self-contained, non-physical layer of existence that interfaces with the physical brain to translate conscious intentions into physical actions in a three dimensional world.

]]> /prophecynews/2017-01-02-machine-consciousness-fallacy-health-ranger-documentary-mind-singularity/feed 0 /prophecynews/2016-12-30-obama-trying-to-start-wwiii-before-jan-20-feds-probe-drudge-report-ddos-attack-naturalnews-infowars /prophecynews/2016-12-30-obama-trying-to-start-wwiii-before-jan-20-feds-probe-drudge-report-ddos-attack-naturalnews-infowars#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Excuse the brevity of this entry, but there’s not enough time to detail all the evil that’s unfolding right now. Suffice it to say that Obama is right now attempting to start a raging war before he leaves office. There are two types of attempts he’s making: 1) War with Russia, and 2) War against the American people. He’s also hoping to be part of a successful Marxist coup on January 20, but that’s very unlikely to go anywhere.
Obama is trying to start World War III before Jan. 20

Check DrudgeReport.com and Breitbart.com to stay up to speed on this. Paul Craig Roberts also has extremely important insight on what’s shaping up (he was part of the Reagan administration), and my own contacts inside the bureaucracy are signaling that Obama is “setting landmines across the bureaucracy” to function as sabotage trip wires that will blow up in President Trump’s face.

Barack Obama — who is quite literally a “sleeper cell” agent who has been trying to destroy America from day one — is now attempting to provoke Russia into military conflict. He has now begun expelling Russian diplomats from the USA as a cover story for the democrats’ completely fabricated “Russian hacking” conspiracy theory regarding the hacking of email accounts belonging to Jon Podesta and the DNC. (It was actually an inside job achieved by a Bernie Sanders supporter.)

Fortunately, it looks like Russia is mocking Obama for his incredible stupidity and not taking him seriously anymore. If cooler heads prevail in all this, Obama will be out of office in roughly 20 days, and a new President Trump will restore sane, stabilizing relations with Russia.

But until Jan. 20 comes, make no mistake that “traitor” Obama is trying to provoke Russia into an escalating conflict with the USA. This is deliberate, insane and deeply criminal. I’m already hearing whispers of desires to see Barack Obama arrested and charged with criminal acts of treason against the United States… yet it is doubtful that any such charges could really be leveled against a former President whose actions took place while he was in office (so don’t get your hopes up).

Nevertheless, it is increasingly apparent to an expanding number of people that Obama is an active traitor who has deliberately given aid to America’s enemies while destroying trust among America’s allies. (Just two words prove the assertion: 1) Iran. 2) Israel.)

DrudgeReport.com suffered 90 minute blackout due to DDoS attacks

Also today, the DrudgeReport.com website, which has remained a highly effective thorn in the side of the Obama regime, was taken offline for 90 minutes by a coordinated DDoS attack believed to have come from the U.S. government itself.

“A tweet from conservative media icon Matt Drudge’s verified Twitter account Thursday night appeared to accuse the government of interfering with his website, DrudgeReport.com, just hours after the Barack Obama administration announced new sanctions against Russia over election hacking,” reports IBtimes.com.

“Is the US government attacking DRUDGE REPORT? Biggest DDoS since site’s inception. VERY suspicious routing [and timing],” the tweet to Drudge’s 457,000 followers read.

Natural News warned it will be targeted for take down before President Trump is sworn in

A few weeks ago, InfoWars.com personnel received a threat that claimed their site would be taken down in a government censorship purge. Now, that same threat has been made to Natural News via channels I’m not yet ready to make public.

The threat asserts that many of the websites falsely labeled “Russian propaganda” by the fraudulent Washington Post story have been targeted for government take down action before President Obama leaves office — all while Obama signs hundreds of pardons to protect the criminals associated with the DNC and the Clinton crime family.

Right now, sites such as DrudgeReport.com and RT are being “probed” in what are called “DDoS stress tests” to determine the level of DDoS traffic needed to bring down each site. This result is calculated into the “full assault plan” which will distribute government cyber attack resources across all the targeted sites in the most efficient manner, dedicating only the amount of DDoS traffic needed to bring down each site. This tactic, by the way, is something I’ve heard called “DDDoS” or “distributed-distributed denial-of-service” attack. It’s conducted at a scale that can only be achieved by nation states such as China, North Korea or the USA. In this case, it’s the USA, under Barack Obama, that would be engaging in cyber war against the independent media.

In effect, we may be looking at a situation where Barack Obama uses the full resources of the corrupt sectors of his regime to wage cyber warfare against independent journalism in order to halt the only remaining free press from warning Americans about what Obama is actually doing.

Natural News readers should prepare for our website to be subjected to heavy attacks, coordinated DDoS waves, and possibly even attempted DNS hijacking or (Obama) government confiscation of our hosting servers.

In case our DNS is taken over, you can access NaturalNews.com directly from any browser by typing in the following IP address:

You should write this down, physically, on a piece of paper and tape it to your monitor. If you ever notice that “NaturalNews.com” is not responding, try the IP address instead.

If Drudge, InfoWars and NaturalNews all go down, it means WAR has begun

Furthermore, if NaturalNews.com is deliberately taken down, you should interpret this as a sign that Obama is initiating a government war against the American people, and you would be wise to lock and load in preparation for the kind of Second Amendment activation that was designed to save the Republic from tyranny.

To be clear, yes, I am explicitly stating that a coordinated attack against independent media by the criminal Obama traitor should be interpreted as an act of WAR against America… the final stage of Obama’s long train of subversion to transform America into a Marxist police state under totalitarian control. Personally, I think he will fail in this effort, but like most radical leftists, he’s insane enough to try it! (FLASHBACK: Obama’s Department of Homeland Security purchases 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, including sniper rounds.)

We are now entering the most dangerous time for America since World War II

I fully realize that to the uninformed, these warnings may sound unbelievable, but to those working inside the system right now as part of the “counter coup” operation to save America from Obama’s last, desperate effort to destroy this nation, what I’m writing here is very well understood and widely known to be true. Those of you reading this from inside the FBI, CIA, DHS and NSA know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re on the side of America, I send you prayers for your strength and courage in protecting America for the next 20 days or so, after which things will significantly calm down.

If all goes well and the patriots inside the bureaucracy succeed in their mission, you will never know anything happened at all. There will be no take down of independent media websites, no war with Russia and no successful coup on Jan. 20. That is our desired outcome. We seek a peaceful transition of power to the Trump administration, where highly experienced and patriotic cabinet members will begin the arduous process of unwinding the Obama poison pills, time bombs and trip wires he has planted “across the bureaucracy.”

But make no mistake: Obama is an active, conscious traitor to America, and he’s not going to go away without sabotaging everything in sight on his way out. His targets absolutely include free speech websites that refused to surrender to his anti-American rhetoric and subversive actions. All legitimate free press publications in America — and their editors — are now at extreme risk for the next 20 days.

Check NaturalNews.com throughout each day. We are now publishing new stories several times throughout the day, and we’ll keep publishing as long as we are able. If we stop publishing or go offline for an extended period of time, you should quite rationally assume the worst.

]]> /prophecynews/2016-12-30-obama-trying-to-start-wwiii-before-jan-20-feds-probe-drudge-report-ddos-attack-naturalnews-infowars/feed 0 /prophecynews/2016-12-28-scientists-warn-about-wave-of-catastrophic-earthquakes-about-to-be-unleashed-from-enormous-hole-discovered-in-ocean-floor /prophecynews/2016-12-28-scientists-warn-about-wave-of-catastrophic-earthquakes-about-to-be-unleashed-from-enormous-hole-discovered-in-ocean-floor#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Scientists are warning that a tear in the Earth’s crust in the Banda Sea to the north of Australia could lead to serious natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis as they get closer to understanding the fault and its ramifications.
Perhaps the word “tear” is misleading; it is actually one of the biggest faults on Earth and it runs right through the Ring of Fire, which is notorious for its volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Measuring about 60,000 square kilometers in area and 7 kilometers deep, it is roughly the size of Tanzania.

One big issue at play is the fact that earthquakes that already take place around the tear might make it slip, which would lead to violent tremors on the islands that surround it as energy is released in waves.

The other problem is its situation in the planet’s most seismically-active area. The Ring of Fire is home to 90 percent of the planet’s earthquakes. It stretches from New Zealand to the top of Australia, past Indonesia and Japan, down the West Coast of the U.S. and down to the bottom of South America.

Seismic activity hotbed

This area has been a hotbed of activity recently, with more than 100 people killed and 84,000 people left homeless following a 6.5-magnitude earthquake in western Indonesia earlier this month. A 6.9-magnitude quake shook the coast of Japan in already-troubled Fukushima last month, spurring tsunami waves. In August, Queensland, Australia, saw its biggest earthquake in the last two decades when a 5.8-magntiude quake hit the coast near Bowen.

In 2004, an enormous earthquake under the sea led to the tsunami that affected many countries in the Indian Ocean and left 170,000 people dead. The Ring of Fire was also home to the strongest earthquake ever recorded, a 9.5-magnitiude quake that hit Chile in the 1960s.

While the hole, which is called the Banda Detachment, is not exactly a new discovery, no one could say for sure exactly how it became so deep until now. After finally being able to see and document the fault, scientists have determined that it was created through a process known as subduction wherein one tectonic plate moves beneath another and is then forced downward, plunging through the crust into the mantle. It is hoped that the discovery will help to assess the dangers of tsunamis and earthquakes in the future.

Nuclear plants near fault lines pose grave dangers

An earthquake like the one in Japan last month could cause major problems around the world. The still-unrepaired nuclear fuel rod pools affected by the 2011 tsunami at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant are a serious risk to individuals as an event could cause gigantic clouds full of radioactive material to form in the Northern Hemisphere.

California has two nuclear reactors close to fault lines: San Onofre and Diablo Canyon. The reactor at San Onofre, which sits between San Diego and Los Angeles, was only built to withstand a 7.0 quake, while the Diablo Canyon plant can only handle quakes up to 7.5 in magnitude. It’s important to keep in mind that the quake that struck Japan in 2011 was 9.0 in magnitude, while the Fukushima plant was only built to handle quakes of up to 7.9 magnitude.

Another vulnerable area is Washington’s Hanford Reactor on the Columbia River. This facility is already leaking some radioactive coolant into the nearby groundwater and could lead to a tremendous amount of problems if the area is hit by a major earthquake.

If you live anywhere near the Ring of Fire, it’s a good idea to have a supply of iodine on hand. You’ll want to do everything you can to try to prevent your body from absorbing too much radioactive material. Organic survival food is another thing that can come in handy any place that is subjected to not only seismic activity but also extreme weather like hurricanes and tornadoes.






]]> /[prophecynews/2016-12-28-scientists-warn-about-wave-of-catastrophic-earthquakes-about-to-be-unleashed-from-enormous-hole-discovered-in-ocean-floor/feed 0

](prophecynews/2016-12-28-scientists-warn-about-wave-of-catastrophic-earthquakes-about-to-be-unleashed-from-enormous-hole-discovered-in-ocean-floor/feed 0)

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